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Guillaume Désanges / 8 rue Perdonnet 75010 Paris, France

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Guillaume Désanges is a free-lance curator and art critic, founder and director of Work Method, a Paris based agency for artistic projects. He organizes international exhibitions projects and lectures.

Latest projects : Amazing ! Clever ! Linguistic !, An Adventure in Conceptual Art (2013, Generali Foundation, Vienna, Austria) ; A Universal Exhibition, documentary section (2013, Louvain-la-Neuve biennale, Belgium), Curated Session #1 : The Dora Garcia files, (2014, Perez Art Museum, Miami, USA), Laura Lamiel : Chambres de Captures, (2015, La Verrière Hermès, Brussels, Belgium), Ma’aminim / The believers (2015, Museum of Art and History, Saint-Denis & Tranzitdisplay, Prague, Czech Rep.), Nil Yalter 1973/2015, (2015, La Verrière Brussels).

Guillaume Désanges est commissaire d’exposition et critique d’art. Il dirige Work Method, structure indépendante de production. Il développe internationalement des projets d’expositions et de conférences.

Derniers projets : Erre (2011, Centre Pompidou Metz) ; Amazing ! Clever ! Linguistic !, An Adventure in Conceptual Art (2013, Generali Foundation, Vienne, Autriche) ; Une exposition universelle, section documentaire (2013, Louvain-la-Neuve biennale, Belgique, ), Curated Session #1 : The Dora Garcia files, (2014, Perez Art Museum, Miami, USA), Laura Lamiel : Chambres de Captures, (2015, La Verrière Hermès, Brussels, Belgique), Ma’aminim / Les Croyants (2015, Musée d’art et d’histoire, Saint-Denis & Tranzitdisplay, Prague, Rep. Tchèque), Nil Yalter 1973/2015, (2015, La Verrière Bruxelles).



> THURSDAY 1st OCTOBER from 6pm to 9pm
JEUDI 1er OCTOBRE de 18h à 21h

NIL YALTER 1973/2015
at LA VERRIÈRE, Brussels
02.10.15 - 05.12.15

Nil Yalter, Turkish Immigrants, 1956

Continuing the ‘Gesture, and thought’ season initiated in 2013, La Verriere presents Nil Yalter’s first solo exhibition in Belgium. Born in Egypt to a Turkish family, and based in Paris since 1965, Nil Yalter is a pioneering, freethinking, highly original artist pursuing her own aims and intuitions, fuelled by her strong commitment to social and political activism. The result is a hybrid oeuvre combining painting, drawing, photography, video and collage, with performance and installation. Taking an essentially conceptual approach (but relinquishing neither form nor materiality) Nil Yalter’s singular body of work has evaded the artistic canons and prescriptions of her day. The abstract paintings of her early career played a pivotal ’documentary’ role in the 1970s, exploring a blend of social, anthropological, and ethnographic issues and seeking to re-actualise the vernacular motifs of her native Turkish culture (artisanship, shamanism, magic and more) through their association with the foremost ideological issues and debates of the post-1968 era.
For the current exhibition, Yalter has chosen to present an ensemble of works exploring nomadism and exile, from the iconic Topak Ev of 1973 to a new work created especially for the show, in 2015.
Dans le cadre du cycle « Des Gestes de la pensée » initié en 2103, La Verrière présente la première exposition personnelle de Nil Ya lter en Belgique. D’origine turque, née en Egypte, installée à Paris dès 1965, elle restera tout au long de sa carrière une artiste pionnière, libre et originale, qui suivra ses désirs et ses intuitions propres, nourris de convictions sociales et politiques, pour créer une œuvre hybride, mêlant la peinture, le dessin, la photographie, la vidéo, le collage, mais aussi la performance et l’installation. Fondé sur des bases conceptuelles, mais ne renonçant pas à la forme ni aux matières, le travail singulier de Nil Yalter a échappé aux canons et prescriptions de l’art de son temps. L’œuvre picturale et abstraite qui caractérise ses débuts opère un tournant « documentaire » dans les années 1970 : s’y mêlent alors des considérations sociales, anthropologiques et ethnographiques qui actualisent des motifs vernaculaires de son pays d’origine (dont l’artisanat, le chamanisme, la magie) en les associant aux enjeux idéologiques marquant l’après 1968.
Pour cette exposition, l’artiste a choisi de montrer un ensemble d’œuvres traitant de la question du nomadisme et de l’exil, qui vont de l’emblématique « Topak Ev » de 1973, jusqu’à une production de 2015 réalisée pour l’occasion.

Curated by Guillaume Désanges

Free entrance

La Verrière / 50 boulevard de Waterloo - 1000 Brussels
Monday to saturday 11 a.m to 6 p.m.


"Georges Bataille, Architecture, Chicago and World Order – An Essay on General Economy", Xavier Wrona
15.08.15 - 30.10.15


Méthode Room International Curatorial Residency Launches on the South Side of Chicago
Architect Xavier Wrona builds a temporary television studio to debate theories of architecture with residents of Greater Grand Crossing

CHICAGO, IL – Rebuild Foundation, in partnership with independent curator Guillaume Désanges, EXPO Chicago, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, and the Institut français, are pleased to welcome Xavier Wrona as an architect-in-residence of the Méthode Room residency program. On August 15, 2015, Wrona will begin a ten-week project, Georges Bataille, Architecture, Chicago and World Order – An Essay on General Economy. The project, the first in the Méthode Room residency series, will feature an exhibition at Rebuild’s Archive House and the launch of an architecture TV channel.

A practicing architect and associate professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Saint-Etienne, Wrona has long been interested in the connection between architecture and social justice. His exhibition will explore French intellectual Georges Bataille’s definition of architecture as a tool through which an ideologically dominant order manifests itself in space and time. Balancing theory with practice, Wrona’s goal is to “Move away from this theoretical edifice…to get back into a less theoretical, closer contact to reality. I wish to be able to talk with people of the South Side…to be able to engage, discuss, debate.”
To that end, Wrona and two assistants will build a temporary television studio in the heart of the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood. Neighbors, community leaders, local business owners, aldermen, and City officials will be invited to the studio to share their definitions of the word, “architecture.”
Wrona is the first of three guests selected to participate in the Méthode Room residency program at the Rebuild Foundation, a project conceived and curated by French curator Guillaume Désanges. While in Chicago, residents will live at the Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative, a 32 unit mixed-income housing complex redeveloped through a partnership between the Chicago Housing Authority, Brinshore Development and the Rebuild Foundation.

Photo Collage Est-ce ainsi from a picture of James W. Toftness

About Rebuild Foundation
Rebuild Foundation is a nonprofit organization that endeavors to rebuild the cultural foundations of underinvested neighborhoods and incite movements of community revitalization that are culture-based, artist-led, and neighborhood-driven. For more information, visit

About Guillaume Désanges
Guillaume Désanges is an independent curator and art critic. He is the Founder of Work Method, a Paris-based agency for curatorial projects. Désanges coordinated the artistic projects of Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers from 2001–2007. Recent projects include : Concrete Erudition (2009-2011, Le Plateau-Frac Ile-de France, Paris) ; Wander (2011, Centre Pompidou Metz) ; Amazing ! Clever ! Linguistic ! An Adventure in Conceptual Art (2013, Generali Foundation, Vienna) ; A Universal Exhibition, documentary section (Louvain-la-Neuve biennale, Belgium, 2013), Curated session : the Dora Garcia files (Perez Art Museum, Miami, 2014). Désanges is currently the curator at La Verrière (Fondation Hermès, Brussels), where he is organizing a series of exhibitions entitled Gesture of the Mind.

About The Cultural Services of the French Embassy
The Cultural Services of the French Embassy provides a platform for exchange and innovation between French and American artists, intellectuals, educators, students, the tech community, and the general public. Based in New York City, Washington D.C., and eight other cities across the US including Chicago, the Cultural Services develops the cultural economy by focusing on six principal fields of action : visual and performing arts, literature, cinema, the digital sphere, French language and higher education.

About Institut français
The Institut français is the agency of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for cultural action outside of France. As an agent of cultural diplomacy, the Institut français is a unique brand throughout 96 countries and in France. It ensures the promotion of artists, architects, ideas, works and industries that together present an innovative and dynamic image of creation in France. The Institut français contributes to the dialogue between cultures and enlivens professional communities in each sector of its activity, all the while participating in France’s cultural networks abroad.